Out of abundance of caution in the context of the increasing risks of delta and gamma Covid-19 variants, we are still conducting live online all of our Spanish classes regularly scheduled to meet in person. This is for the protection of both our teachers and students. You can learn more about our Spanish classes live online here.

If you are not willing to have these classes online for the time being, please DO NOT apply.

We do not expect to conduct classes in person until 2022 at the earliest as we look to safely address the current shortage of tutors, the social distance requirements, and the maximum capacity limits of meeting venues.

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Spanish Programs for Teens


Please select the Spanish program that interests you, or the one which adapts best to your teen's specific needs:

SpanishBlackbelt is in charge of your teens' entire Spanish education. In addition to providing the practice needed to aid retention, our Spanish classes also provide the opportunity to develop a higher level of thinking skills and it aims at teaching how to use the Spanish language creatively.
SpanishBlackbelt can help your teen achieve success with her Spanish language program at school. Spanish tutoring is the ideal choice for teens that are stuggling with Spanish at school, where they are passive learners and they do not get to practice their speaking skills extensively.
SpanishBlackbelt offers a wide range of programs for test preparation. These programs are the perfect choice for teens who are seeking to improve their results in standardized tests such as the AP or the SAT or for teens who want to pass an exemption examination from a Spanish course at school.

* SAT and AP (Advanced Placement) are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which is not involved in the design and implementation of the courses offered by SpanishBlackbelt.



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